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Pittsburgh, PA
harbor: a framed space
piece of mountain from my place on the swing, slice of sky looking up from the middle of the cushioned bench, moon center stage from the bathtub windwow, two rabbits slumber in my glance below the wooden deck planks. Light, sound, earth, sky--all framed for a particular view, but not one that holds too tightly. One that reveals the framing itself. I became aware of how I frame by own seeing and being. To harbor--to be tucked in safe inside a frame, but to find new ways of seeing. There is infinity in the small--the neon lichen growing on a piece of stone, that small lizard with the new charcoal tail, the wind dancing inside what, on the surface seems quite still.

Bristol, TN
This is truly a special place. The spirituality of it is palpable. I felt truly at home here and comforted right from the beginning. Your hospitality is refreshing and the attention to detail is a step above. My time here helped me not only feel close to God, but to realize that God wants to be close to me.

Brooklyn, NY
It is hard to put into words how soulful, breathtaking and spectacular this place is. The landscape colors, textures, sounds and smells are a gift that washed over me. I cannot thank this wonderful place enough for giving me the chance to feel that beauty and light.

Washington, DC
Wesley and Raymond have put tremendous energy, intention, and love into the refuge they have created in Desert Harbor.

The biggest commendation that we can give is that only a few days after our stay, we have already recommended it to three or four friends and have made definite plans to return.

As you approach the Harbor, the enchanting New Mexican vistas roll past, preparing you for the tranquil remoteness you will encounter at the Harbor. Once there, you will find a sustainable, comfortable, solar-powered wonder.

The guesthouse (casita) is well removed from the main house, and is spacious, yet cozy. Desert chic. The grounds are expansive and feature a number of places to take in the New Mexican landscape. The first night was cool and we took advantage of the fire pit. We also made daily meditative walks through the labyrinth. We alternated reading places between the indoor nook and the outdoor swinging bench. The "Lookout" offered us a majestic vantage to take in the sunsets and to renew our vows. We took full advantage of the outdoor shower and the wood-fired hot tub.

The service was attentive, but also totally respectful of our desire for personal space. The food was delicious and of generous portions. Let me reiterate; all of our meals (6 in total) were on par with meals that we have had at highly-rated restaurants in DC.

We engaged in a session of spiritual reflection with Wesley. She was respectful of our respective spiritual backgrounds and guided us serenely through a discussion on the divine and a meditation on the sublime.

As a life coach, Raymond was generous with his time and helped open our eyes to some life options we hadn't considered. He offered practical advice mixed with an over-arching framework. I liked that he did not shy away from offering his personal wisdom gained from experience. We intend to add follow-up sessions with Raymond.

We also had a morning yoga session with a patient and skilled instructor, Danielle.

Finally, we each received a blissful massage on the casita porch from Sonya. My only regret is that we didn't opt for the 90-minute massage.

Desert Harbor offered exactly what we needed and exceeded our expectations in every way. If you are looking for a respite, escape, or unique stay in the desert, do not hesitate to let Raymond and Wesley craft a memorable stay for you. Desert Harbor is a desert gem.

Seattle, WA
I came to desert harbor with a broken heart, and am leaving after too short a stay with renewed hope, a healed soul, and strength for a change I couldn't conceive making. Thank you for this sanctuary, safety, beauty and clarity. Namaste to all who have come before me and who will journey after.

Corrales, NM
If you are seeking a remote, breathtaking setting for a retreat, look no further than Desert Harbor. During my 5-day solo retreat recently I discovered its very special gifts: stunning scenery of the high desert/mountain foothill terrain, with earth-tone cliffs, and vistas of the eastern slope of the Sandia Mts.; challenging hiking options that reward with amazing views; night skies that will dazzle anyone because of the intensely brilliant stars and planets against a black velvet sky; abundant foliage (junipers, pinions, mountain shrubs, wild grasses, and many flowering plants and cacti); fascinating birds and other animal residents of this climate zone; a secure, cozy cottage that combines comfort, luxury, security, off-the-grid technology, easy-to-use kitchenette and utensils, terrific bath tub and an outdoor shower; immaculate conditions and accessories (e.g., bath robes, Turkish towels, kitchen tools/dishes, etc.); and if you do not want to cook, gourmet quality meals prepared by the people who own and operate Desert Harbor! The family who owns and operates this lovely place lives nearby and will give you the best combination of warm hospitality and time undisturbed to reflect and rest. This is a first class retreat location for 1-2 people at a time who love the outdoors but want to be very comfortable. I would highly recommend it to any such seekers of peace and quiet, beauty and rest in a natural setting.

Cape Town, ZA
What a pleasure! Worth every effort to make it happen and I left very refreshed.

Coming some distance, it felt worthwhile to stay four nights –what a good decision that was! It takes time for the mind to quiet, for the body to unwind.

So glad that I took advantage of the many good offerings at Desert Harbor: yummy dinners with a variety of fresh and well-prepared foods; massage; spiritual direction and coaching. All with time and place for reflection.

One night, or several, it’s worth caring for yourself in this way.

The cottage and porch are tastefully appointed with great attention to detail, blending with the southwestern environment—allowing both appreciation of nature and a sense of pampered retreat.

Austin, TX
Desert Harbor is a beautiful sanctuary built and run by two of the most lovely, generous people Raymond and Wesley. I sought a solo retreat to heal from a recent emotional trauma. After three nights, I left feeling refreshed and peaceful. The cabin is spacious with thoughtful architectural design and amenities including a nice CD selection, iPod doc, books and a perfect kitchenette. I enjoyed a massage in my cabin, hiking, the hot tub under stars and my two life coaching sessions with Raymond. The breakfasts and dinners were delicious and plentiful. They also accommodated my gulten-free diet. I hope to return to Desert Harbor again next year to restore and reflect!

San Francisco, CA
My time at Desert Harbor exceeded any expectations I could have set. Not only was the "guest house" simply stunning in Southwestern grace, simplicity and style, but the surrounding land was rich and wild and so silent it was deafening. The house is set facing each of the directions so the rising and setting sun greeted me daily through each window and the moon was my friend each night as it passed through the southern sky. Each detail of Desert Harbor has been thought out and addressed with such skill and thoughtfulness; it is inspiring. It's a 5 star gem in the wilderness.

I loved hiking the red and gold hills and arroyos which surround this jewel in the desert. I got to see a jackrabbit, a lunar eclipse and the wild mustangs of the local ranchero. Unbelievable.

The food was amazing and I felt cared for and supported, yet not doted on. I was given as much space as I needed, but the hosts were there in a moment’s notice if I needed anything.

Meeting with Wesley for Spiritual Guidance and then Raymond for Life Coaching was a highlight of my stay. They are both gifted and grounded healers with much skill and wisdom to impart. My intention for this trip was to release some things that have been stuck and get clarity on how to move forward into the future. The combination of work I did with each of my hosts was a perfect compliment and brought me, surprisingly, exactly where I'd hoped to go. Release and clarity.

Desert Harbor was for me a place of stunning serenity, deep connection with myself, the elements and the earth. Wesley and Raymond have created an oasis for communion and healing, for rest and respite—uncommon in our modern world. My experience will continue to inform and transform me in the days and weeks and perhaps even years to come, as I return to my city life, not only renewed, but deeply changed by my encounter with “The Land of Enchantment.”

Dallas, TX
We loved the stay at the Desert Harbor. Breakfast was delicious, service was great. We loved the design of the house and loved staying in a secluded spot. We were able to eat great food, hike/explore the area with no other traffic, enjoy the views, utilize the kitchen and grill, make a fire, soak in the bathtub, sit under the stars, and just relax in a very calm environment. We are excited to come back in the future. Thanks to the owners for finding/creating such a great space.…

The owners Wesley and Raymond are a very "healthy, down to earth" couple who are so unassuming yet so peacefully calming in their presentations when they showed us the house we were to spend 2 nights it. The breakfasts come to your room in such a classy, decadent manner served with sterling silver and organic food that was exquisite in display and taste. The little house is absolutely beyond our wildest dreams, perfection in mood and ambiance. The tub is out of this world for view and relaxation. Candles provided everywhere. We were covered in snow surroundings and the view is God Given for sure.…

Kansas City, MO
Desert harbor is exactly as described online - it is a haven, a refuge with landscapes you likely would not discover if you did not stay there. Each element was added with purpose to make guests feel at home - immediately. No detail has been overlooked from the beautifully designed casita to the delicious meals and the wisdom, humor and compassion offered by the hosts, Wesley and Raymond. (Their delightful children, Stella and Heath, add another joyful element if you are so inclined, as I was.)

Your stay can be one of reflection, of hiking, of exploration, life coaching, spiritual direction, massage - a focus on one or several of these offerings. I decided to partake of each offering, with days of reflection, walking and interaction with Raymond and Wesley. Each stay is customized to address your needs. It is perfect for a solo retreat like mine, or time with a friend or partner - to hike and explore the beautiful land or to journey within or both. Whatever you chose, Wesley and Raymond have created a sanctuary. And you can partake in as much as you choose with no pressure to do more or be anything.

I recommend Desert Harbor without reservation. Read the reviews - they are accurate descriptions of the grace and purposeful care of the Linams. It was an exceptional experience, and I will be returning.

We stayed at Desert Harbor recently for two nights as part of our honeymoon trip to New Mexico. What a pleasant surprise. No TVs, no wifi, no connection with the outside world (save for our gracious hosts). We read books, listened to soothing jazz, soaked in the oversized tub, hiked in the backcountry desert right beside the cabin, had deep- tissue massages, walked the meditation labyrinth, and simply enjoyed our time together in the moment with pure mindfulness. The hosts are amazing -- we opted to have breakfasts and dinners provided, and every meal we ate was incredible. Local, seasonal ingredients bursting with flavor.

All in all, a truly wonderful experience. We will definitely come back to Desert Harbor for a future anniversary when we need a break from the hassle and stress of the world around us, as this place truly is a harbor in the desert. Thank you Raymond and Wesley!!…

Prince George, Canada
Raymond went out of his way to accommodate our needs during our stay, including making dinner for us upon our arrival at a late hour. The accommodation was so inviting; simple beauty surrounded us. We felt taken care of by every detail from the selection of books and cds to enjoy while we were there, some of the best Chinese tea I've ever had, an outdoor shower that was a peak experience, beautiful views from the bathtub, beautiful mugs (resulting in comments of me having "cup envy" and some truly yummy huevos rancheros for breakfast. We had time for a simple hike and a contemplative walk of the labyrinth. Our only regret was not being able to stay longer.

London, England
We came to Desert Harbor on our honeymoon and it was amazing. After all the energy and excitement of our wedding, this was the perfect place to relax, unwind and connect with nature and each other - it was lovely. The cottage was beautifully designed with natural elements and soothing colours, creating the perfect space to relax and restore. The surrounding landscape is gorgeous, perfect for hiking, sunsets and stargazing. The food was lovely and nourishing - we had one of our dinners at the lookout, which was incredibly romantic. We highly recommend Desert Harbor and we are looking forward to our next trip there!

Oakland, CA
My partner and I celebrated his birthday in the middle of a long road trip with an amazing stop-over at Desert Harbor and we couldn't recommend it more.

The setting is incredible, the space warm and inviting, and Raymond made us feel very welcome. A special highlight of our whole trip, and we passed thru fourteen states!

We didn't try dinner but the amazing breakfasts in the morning with coffee on the porch are something we are still talking about.

Beautiful. wonderful. Very special. The hiking was great, the outdoor shower was a treat, and the whole vibe of the place is excellent.

Thanks so much for making our trip even better, Desert Harbor! We will definitely return.

We recently spent two nights at Desert Harbor and thought the world of it - a stylish and comfortable cottage in the high desert, unlike anywhere else I've visited. (I'm from Scotland; we don't get much in the way of desert...) Wonderful landscape and hospitality and food- the breakfast scones and biscuits were delicious, as was the evening meal of Thai sweet potato curry. Silence, privacy, peace, quiet, and excellent facilities. I can't think of anywhere better to relax, unwind, and enjoy a beautiful part of the US. I'll definitely be back.

The Netherlands
We were in search of a place to stay during our 3 week overland trip and were welcome to spend the night here. This was special considering we made our first inquiries just two hours before we would arrive; we called in around 21:00. Even with a 4 week old baby in his house, Raymond did his best to prepare the cottage...and what a cottage it is.

It's just a couple of miles off the main road, but middle in the center of tranquility. The place fits right into a modern living magazine. You know, those magazines which normally diminish your own place into something close to rubble ;-) in just a couple of interior picture views.

Very euro-style modern architecture, with all the convenient amenities that make the stay extra comfortable. (Seaweed bathing salt, large selection of chill out cd's (including Buddah Bar my favo, but also Miles Davis, Coldplay and a whole bunch more were present).

Breakfast is how you want it. Mexican style, Euro style or American Pancakes.In short, we came for one night and stayed two more -chilling and relaxing.

Raymond and Wesley; well done! Truly a haven out in the desert sea!

New Orleans, LA
We stayed at Desert Harbor for 2 nights hoping for a relaxing break from crowds, noise, and stress back home. It was all we could have hoped for. The cottage was wonderfully furnished and we particularly enjoyed the nice porch. The hosts could not have been more pleasant, provided wonderful breakfasts and showed great attention to detail by remembering my annoying aversion to cilantro. We will definitely be returning!

My spouse and I stayed at the Desert Harbor on our way home from a sad and stressful family gathering (memorial service for my brother). This was the perfect place to decompress from that experience. I think we took advantage of all of the multiple spots to relax in; the front porch, window seat, bathtub, and the bed was incredibly comfortable. I also enjoyed the beauty of the surrounding desert, the walking trails and the labyrinth. The food was an added bonus. We opted for dinner and enjoyed a scrumptious chicken marsala. The frittata was also delicious for breakfast. Raymond was a very gracious host. We highly recommend the Desert Harbor.

Dallas, TX
When I think back on my week at Desert Harbor, I am not sure I can describe adequately the restorative power of the place. The guest house and the owners helped me get my sanity back. I found Desert Harbor by accident, while searching the internet for a "retreat" in New Mexico. I had no idea what to expect.

When I arrived, I knew I had been led to the perfect place. The guest house was beautiful and perfectly appointed, the setting was amazing, and the lovingly prepared breakfasts started each day off just right. I spent seven days hiking, reading, walking the beautiful labyrinth, getting massages, taking outdoor showers, and soaking in a deep tub while the full moon shone above.

What really made the week really special was the life coaching I did with Raymond. We sat in a beautiful place and with his guidance, I made a plan for re-entering my stressful life. I left, deeply moved by this very special place and the very special people that own it.

Albuquerque, NM
I have only the highest praise for the accommodations and hospitality offered at Desert Harbor. It is an exceptional place, and so too the people who run it - their attention to detail is remarkable. The desert setting was exquisite, but I was not prepared for the quiet elegance of the casita. Raymond and Wesley have created a profoundly beautiful space - a place that feels like a sanctuary in its peacefulness and soft and spacious elegance. I spent three nights there is quiet bliss. And have I mentioned the food or the well-placed structure on the mountain top, complete with a hammock, overlooking a beautiful valley? The food was incredible; again, the presentation was simple yet elegant, and the food healthy and delicious. I highly recommend the Asian salmon noodle dish. The hammock, well let's just say it's about as close to heaven as one can get. There is a lot of nurturing that happens at this haven/harbor in the desert. I left Desert Harbor much richer for the experience. Thank you both for what you have created; it is truly a gift to the world.

Albuquerque, NM
We were looking for a retreat from the world. Desert Harbor was a great find and it is a lovely drive under an hour from Albuquerque. Raymond was responsive and courteous and helped make our short holiday incredibly worthwhile.

Go enjoy especially if you like privacy, fun hikes, inspiring views and returning from the outdoors to the cozy comfort of a thoughtful and lovely little house.

Thank you for creating this beautiful space to recharge!! We can't stop talking about coming back to see all the seasons at Desert Harbor.

Denver, CO
We spent three days here and it was fantastic! We traveled with our two children 7 & 5 and they had a great time as well. The food was fantastic. Raymond and Wesley were great hosts. We went hiking, explored Santa Fe, played games and just relaxed. The cabin was very comfortable. All that you'd need is provided. While being away from it all, you are close enough to do day trips to Santa Fe or Albuquerque. There is a great hike not to far that has a Utah feel to it. Our kids loved it! Our first visit to NM, will make a return trip for sure!

Wellington, New Zealand
I stayed at Desert Harbor for three nights a week before Christmas. Raymond's communication prior to my arrival was excellent, and he was able to accommodate my slightly awkward transportation needs, which I really appreciated. My stay was incredible. I spent hours hiking through the secluded desert landscape. Raymond really takes care to tailor the experience to his guests' needs; for my part, I got the space and solitude I had hoped for and then some. I was blown away by the attention to detail in terms of the comfort and beauty of the guest house as well as the service and personalized menu (including the best burger I've ever eaten). I would recommend Desert Harbor to anyone seeking a personal retreat in a beautiful wilderness landscape.

After experiencing a personal loss and experiencing some major life changes, I was in desperate need of some quality time alone…time to think and to heal. My time at Desert Harbor was truly what my spirit needed and I’m so thankful for the peaceful atmosphere that Raymond and Wesley have created. As soon as I stepped foot on the trail and took in the awesome landscape, I felt myself breathe deeper, and some of the stress just dissolve. I was a little nervous about staying alone, but they made me feel very comfortable and safe. I took advantage of everything they had to offer and everything far exceeded my expectations. The food was absolutely delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed not having to cook or wash dishes for 5 whole days! I was able to spend lots of time reading and enjoying absolute quiet. Baths were so relaxing with the sun shining warm in the window. The furnace created such a warm ambiance, and I spent a lot of time cuddled up in the window seat with a beautiful view. I also really enjoyed the hiking trail that Raymond created, with the Lookout being my favorite outdoor spot. I could have spent hours sitting there. After two of my hikes, I was rocked to sleep by the gentle breeze at the Lookout. I was able to have a massage on two of the mornings which really enhanced the relaxation I was looking for, and the Spiritual Direction and Life Coaching sessions with Wesley and Raymond were extremely helpful. They were able to give me very practical steps and an action plan to create a more peaceful and balanced life. I would recommend Desert Harbor not only to someone looking for a personal retreat, but also to couples looking to reconnect and enjoy nature together. A very romantic place!

Austin, TX
From the first emails we exchanged to the wheelbarrow used to haul our overpacked luggage to the car; the care we received from Raymond and Wesley was more than we could have asked for. Starting with the drive from albuquerque ending on the dirt road that lead us to Desert Harbor we were invited and encouraged to slow the pace of our busy lives. It was truly a place to quiet our minds and fortify our souls.
We found the cabin that Raymond built just as pictured, more comfortable than home, and so much quieter. The meals that were prepared for us were well beyond our expectations and pampered us to no end. The best part was being served on our lovely front porch in the shade of the painted cliff. The outdoor shower and the soaking tub allowed us to further relax and soak up the surroundings.
Our favorite spot was, of course, the lookout. It is a magical place. As Texans, it was heavenly just being able to sit outside for hours on end and breathe dry air without sweating and swatting hovering mosquitoes.
A highlight of our stay were the massages provided by Sonya in the comfort of our cabin. She was kind and generous and very skilled at her craft. Both my daughters and I came away feeling more grounded, energized and joyful.
We loved our entire stay at Desert Harbor and hated to leave. I am reminded of a freedom I felt at a much younger age and for this I am grateful.

Tokyo, Japan
I stayed for 3 nights with Desert Harbor. Each day I eagerly watched the light play on rocks and cedars--while hiking over the dry creek beds, swinging in the glorious hammock, or lazily rocking in front of the guest house. My first breakfast was fabulous french toast--generous portions with strawberries and syrup. The second breakfast I chose was the huevos rancheros--made to absolute perfection with spicy salsa, fresh avocado, atop blue tortillas. My third breakfast include selections of green chile biscuits, scramble eggs, and mango. Each day the coffee was superb. The guest house is beautifully appointed, the mattress is very comfortable, and the kitchenette is a delight made of mosaic stone. The outdoor shower is divine--warm or cool as you like it. The grounds are wild yet well kept and cared for. In fact the sense of care pervades every part of Desert Harbor from the hand crafted labyrinth to the marked walking trail. I can't thank Raymond and Wesley Jo enough for sharing this beautiful place.

I was looking for some relaxation, quiet, and a change of scenery and Desert Harbor exceeded my expectations in every way. The drive there whets your appetite with the remote and beautiful desert scenery on Historic Route 66. The first look of the exterior and interior of the grounds and casita are breathtaking. Every little touch is at the same time on purpose and yet so seamless. The reading nook, the amazingly comfortable bed, the artfully mosaic tiled kitchen and bathroom vanity, the soaking tub with candles, the fireplace, the simple and desert complimentary decor...and that's just the interior. The crazy clear and brilliant blue skies and natural vegetation do more than impress the exterior view. The organic and personally tailored cuisine is a definite highlight. Raymond and Wesley do everything possible to make your stay the best possible for you in every way. They truly serve you for the duration of your stay. I found everything I needed and so much more at Desert Harbor. I very highly and enthusiastically recommend it.

San Luis Obispo, CA
Raymond and Wesley of Desert Harbor Retreat have constructed a masterpiece consistent to that which is advertised. Peaceful, relaxing, with acute attention to detail, this one of a kind retreat setting transcends expectations to deliver a intimately memorable experience. The atmosphere, reflective of the proprietors, exude wisdom and maturity in a manner rare to my existence. I cannot enough express my appreciation for and recommendation of this retreat. And don't get me started on the food... heavenly!

Rio Rancho, NM
Desert Harbor is a place of refuge and beauty; of care taken in the creating which brings gentle care given to the pilgrim. Its unique quiet luxury of place and placement allows deep appreciation of the land, the elements, and of one's own inner life. From the joy of an outdoor shower, the labyrinth, the intimate fire circle and the surprise of the wonderful outlook gazebo - Desert Harbor is a complete delight.
Thank you all more than I can say for such tender loving care!

Dallas, TX
We just returned from a wonderfully relaxing weekend at Desert Harbor and it was everything we had hoped for. As soon as you walk in the door you can feel your stress melting away. The decor is simple and elegant, the views out every window breathtaking, and the soaking tub is heavenly (they even provide the candles). Everything you might want is there for you from beautiful coffee table books and board games to comfy robes and hot tea. The breakfasts prepared by Raymond and his wife, Wesley, were delicious and better than any we've had in a long time. We also enjoyed the fire pit nearby and the deck surrounding the cottage. For the most spectacular views, though, your best bet is the viewing deck up a short trail where you can relax in the hammock with a blanket or put your feet up in the comfy armchair made by the owner. Lastly, the hiking is great because you can push yourself if you want to or just stick to the flatter areas, and there is lots of space to cover. The rock formations are unusual and the sandstone is fun to scramble around on. Basically, this is the greatest getaway ever whether you need a break from the stresses of daily life or if you just want to spoil yourself. We'll be back!

Portland, OR
My Goal: To leave dreary, rain-soaked Washington to find sunshine, solitude, and tranquility in the desert. Mission Accomplished: My hosts, Wesley and Raymond assisted in working out the details of my retreat before I arrived, allowing me to quickly find a sense of ease and flow. The guesthouse mirrors the desert colors. Beautiful and luxurious, yet a sense of simplicity pervades. Each and every window looks out over the desert. I loved the reading nook, the soak tub, and the writing table where I created and designed. My sumptuous breakfast was brought at a pre-arranged time each morning, arriving on an elegant tray with beautiful offerings. Wesley and Raymond are both very intentional, warm, and generous in assisting in all aspects of a personal retreat. I highly recommend Desert Harbor and plan to return.

Washington, DC
I came for solitude and rest, to listen for God. The expansive, open space gave me that. Watching the sky change at dawn and dusk was breathtaking. The blend of comfort and simplicity in the cottage is wonderful. We relaxed every moment.

Albuquerque, NM
I strongly recommend a calming and peaceful visit to this beautiful retreat. The lovely cottage we stayed in was very classy and stylish. It was clean and comforting. The owners were such lovely people. They provided us with a marvelous and very generous dinner and breakfast. We took advantage of the massage, which was fantastic!! We also enjoyed shopping at the very artistic places in Madrid, NM. We loved this beautiful spot and went home feeling very pampered and relaxed. Thank you!

Albuquerque, NM
My wife and I left Albuquerque stressed from the week's work, drove up into the East Mountains unsure what we would encounter. Raymond met us at the quiet entrance and showed us up the carefully-lined walkway to the casita---and from the moment we stepped inside our stresses melted away. The casita is simply but tastefully done: The harbor logo (an anchor) hanging on the wall, the high ceilings, the bed and reading nook by a large window opening out to gorgeous views, the extra-deep bathtub, the Bose radio in the corner ready to play music and the magazines on the table waiting to be read. Especially tasteful were the many items that have been hand-made by Raymond himself and his great attention to detail and design of the place added to the rich experience of simply being there. The following morning and at exactly the time we had requested, Raymond and his wife came in to set our table and provide us with a delicious breakfast. They effortlessly accommodated my vegetarian diet and my wife's multiple food allergies. Later, Raymond climbed with us up the ridge behind the casita to show us the area where we could hook up his hammock and sit drinking in the view and listening to the silence. All in all, our stay at Desert Harbor was an over-the-top experience. We were treated to more than we could ever have expected and felt truly cared for. Raymond and Wesley have a wonderful vision of hospitality, and an extraordinary way making our stay an extra-ordinary thing.

Albuquerque, NM
I, unfortunately, only stayed one night my first time. It was not enough. Every part of the cottage is wonderful, although I will admit I had a hard time pulling away from the reading nook! The soaking tub was the perfect way to end the evening. The breakfast was amazing! The bed was so comfortable! Everything felt just perfect. I planned my stay because I was experiencing so much chaos in my life I just needed to breathe for a moment. I found the right place to do it. I felt like I gained strength straight from the mountain as I sat on the cliff with the sunshine warming me. I look forward to planning another stay, next time more than one night. Wesley is a wonderfully warm person, she helps make it feel like a place of safe healing. I can't wait to go back.

Boston, MA
Desert Harbor guest cottage was indeed true to its name. We came seeking rest, perspective and shelter from the daily demands of life and certainly found it here. The physical location - tucked gently up against New Mexico sandstone slopes immediately make you feel secure and at peace. Every window in the cottage offers comforting and inspiring vistas. The attention to caring detail is evident in everything. We wil be back and will be recommending this to our family and friends!

Albuquerque, NM
Thank you so much for this much needed and refreshing escape from our real lives in Albuquerque. What an amazing and truly beautiful space you have among nature. It was perfect for a day of skiing at Sandia followed by a trip to Ski Santa Fe. We only wish we could have stayed another night. The delicious food and hospitality were sincere and much appreciated. Many thanks and we will see you again.

Cincinnati, Ohio
Desert Harbor is back to the basics living away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. Breathtaking views, quality hikes and peace and quiet. Tasteful design in a desert setting and tasty and wholesome meals and snacks. I will return; hopefully soon.

Chicago, IL
The description that's listed for Desert Harbor does it justice. If a relaxing respite from everyday life is what you're after then this is the place for you. Off the grid, tucked away in a canyon, surrounded by beautiful hiking options, Desert Harbor is a first-class way to 'rough it' It has all the peace and quiet of a camping trip without sacrificing any of the amenities - this is isolation in style. We had all the privacy we could ask for, meals were delivered to our cottage at pre-arranged hours, we came and went as we pleased, and... the food was fantastic! Raymond and Wesley are phenomenal cooks and they are happy to customize any food requests to your tastes. They make what's fresh and in season. The green chili cheese biscuits, southwest scramble, bakes scallops in a white wine cream sauce, and grilled asparagus were all amazing, just to name a few. We really can't say enough nice things about this place. You can shower under the stars, relax in a candlelit bath and swing in the hill-top hammock in the most beautifully permeating silence we've experienced, all the while being a mere 40 minute drive to Albuquerque.

Albuquerque, NM
We spent a weekend at Desert Harbor retreat because we needed time and space in the midst of major transitions. We fell in love with the space and are already planning our return! The food was delicious, the setting exquisite, and the hospitality was beyond compare. I'm not sure what our favorite place was...the beautiful reading niche in our room, the bathtub with the gorgeous view, or the hammock on the overlook. We left feeling deeply nourished by such gracious hosts and the lovely space. I highly recommend this place!