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Spiritual Direction

Many sincere people may feel dissatisfied, confused, or even guilty about their spiritual journey, but do not know where to turn. When faced with these difficult emotions, many have found spiritual companionship to be very helpful in deepening connection with God, offering spiritual clarity, and discovering grace. Spiritual direction offers such companionship and can be particularly important in times of major life transition, vocational change, relational difficulty, significant decision, or when one simply desires more intimacy with God.

What is spiritual direction?

We view spiritual direction as the discipline of listening to God on behalf of others, with others, toward a greater awareness of God, a growing intimacy with God, and a clearer sense of guidance in one's life. Sessions usually last about sixty minutes. Sessions begin with some kind of centering exercise and flow in and out of prayer, listening and talking.

Do I have to be a Christian?

No, but it would be misleading to not be upfront with the fact that we are Christians. We desire to view persons first through a window of grace and remain open to serving people of any or no faith background. If you do not consider yourself to be a Christian but still desire a session of Christian spiritual direction, the service is available and will be offered in a gentle and non-judgmental manner.

How much does Spiritual Direction cost?

Spiritual Direction is available for $70.59 (an even $75 with local taxes) per session. Sessions are roughly 60 minutes in length. Spiritual direction sessions can be added to any Desert Harbor stay. One of the owners, Wesley, is a spiritual director, but we also work with several local spiritual directors to accommodate all schedules.

All prices subject to NM gross receipts tax. Prices subject to change.

"But Jesus often withdrew to the desert and prayed." Luke 5:16