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Personal Retreats

What distinguishes Personal Retreats at Desert Harbor?

We are intentionally small. It may be more lucrative to have numerous spaces to fill every night, but this is not our mission. We purposefully have only one guest accommodation. All our energy, training and resources are aimed to nurture and create an unforgettable experience of rest and inspiration for one or a few. By taking the time to personalize every aspect of one’s experience at Desert Harbor, we believe guests come to be known to a degree that just does not happen very often–and can be deeply moving.

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We believe in the grounding and healing potential of extended time spent in nature. Our location was specifically chosen because it is at the 'end of the line,' and at the edge of 'civilization.' (But only 50 minutes from Santa Fe or Albuquerque.) It constantly inspires us to dream and create new outdoor spaces where guests can interact with nature, yet still be quite comfortable.

We believe that design and space are not mute forces; they are integral in creating a sense of shelter and place for connection. No expense has been spared in fashioning our spaces, and they are ever changing with time.

Our services of life coaching and spiritual direction contribute to deep and abiding change in people’s lives every week. We believe these services could greatly enhance your stay should you choose to add them.

Our facility is eco-friendly and completely off-the-grid. The sun powers 100 percent of our electric consumption. Our buildings are a hybrid of ancient means of keeping structures warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and the newest and greenest building materials. Our love for the beauty of God’s creation compels us to be better stewards of it.

We welcome you to read the reviews of our recent guests.

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