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Massage Therapy

In our busy world with scant touch, massage therapy provides an opportunity for release and connection. It offers release from tight muscles, physical pain, and a jumbled mind, and connection to a more peaceful and centered reality. Massage presents an occasion to slow down and soak up some of these vital needs. It can be a very potent agent of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Desert Harbor is very pleased to offer the tender skill of Sonya Bergschneider Benson. Sonya is a locally and nationally certified massage therapist who has been practicing in the Southwest since 1997. She takes great joy in offering the positive, healing qualities of massage therapy with guests of Desert Harbor.

Sonya is proficient in a number of massage techniques, but as every body is unique, and every life has a pulse of its own, she strives to blend the following modalities to suit each client's needs:

Swedish massage - increases circulation and relaxation with long and soothing strokes.
Trigger point therapy - presses held or tight muscles along with breath work to encourage release.
Energy work - taps into the meridian paths, chakras and emotional holdings to allow more clarity and energy.
Reflexology - massages points on the feet to facilitate relief to the corresponding place of pain on the body.
Deep tissue massage - brings tension release with a firmer touch.
Neuromuscular massage - works one set of muscles to release another.

60 minutes/$80 90 minutes/$110
We ask that guests pay Sonya directly. She currently accepts cash or check.

In the privacy of the cottage! No driving across town and being induced into a deeply healing and meditative state, to then have to fight traffic to get home – or your next appointment. Just roll off the table, back into bed, or one of our quiet outdoor lounging spots. Sonya is open to giving outdoor massages, in good weather, with an appropriately adventurous spirit.

The fine print...
Sessions with Sonya are subject to availability. When Sonya is not available for massage therapy, we make an effort to schedule a different massage therapist.

Please mention your interest in massage therapy when you inquire with us, what day during your stay you would prefer a massage, and whether 60 or 90 minutes suits you best, and we will arrange an appointment for you. Prices subject to change.

Sonya’s license numbers are: NMLMT 5568 (New Mexico Licensed Massage Therapist) and NCTMB 506616-06 (Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork)