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Massage Services

In our busy world, the following body-mind-spirit related services provide an opportunity for release and connection. They offer release from tight muscles, physical pain, a jumbled mind, and connection to a more peaceful and centered reality. They present an occasion to slow down and soak up some of these vital needs, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Desert Harbor is very pleased to offer the tender skill of Sonya Bergschneider Benson. Sonya is a locally and nationally certified massage therapist who has been practicing in the Southwest since 1997. She takes great joy in offering the positive, healing qualities of massage therapy, body work and meditation with guests of Desert Harbor.

Swedish Massage

This massage is designed to gently unwind the mind and body. Long and soothing strokes, a light touch and your choice of essential oil give the body and spirit space and rhythm to relax and drift off. Everything in this massage is intended for gentleness with a kind, calming touch as your senses unwind from the stresses of life.

60 minutes $90, 90 minutes $130

Integrated Massage Therapy

This is a massage completely customized for your body's needs. Designed to work out issues in the body and also bring relaxation, this massage incorporates deep tissue and Swedish techniques, trigger point therapy, reflexology, Traeger and breath work to bring relief from body and mental fatigue. A brief consultation before will help determine which modalities to use and how to best incorporate these modalities into your session.

60 minutes $90, 90 minutes $130

Prenatal Massage

For the Mama-to-be, prenatal massage gives the changing and expanding body an oasis of rest and relief. A pregnancy pillow is used after the first trimester so mama and baby can find comfort while still receiving a full body massage. You may rest at ease, trusting Sonya’s intimate understanding of safe prenatal massage technique.

60 minutes $90, 90 minutes $130

Mind, Body, Spirit

This unique treatment includes energy work and massage therapy for a deeper healing connection. Moving inward specially chosen energy techniques promote connection to a deeper knowledge within. Massage is integrated into each session helping mind, spirit and body to harmonize. With this combination many are able to find access to a deep rooted place of truth, softening and respite from the trappings of body and mind. A stone used in the session will be yours to take with you.

90 minutes $120


Essential oils chosen for qualities of empowerment, calming, balancing, uplifting and grounding, among others- this session is made by and for you. Pure and ethically crafted essential oils by Iris Herbals in Northern New Mexico are available for your senses. After picking the aromas for your special blend, they are used in a massage crafted with your physical and emotional needs in mind. The remaining oils with your blend will be yours to keep.

60 minutes $100, 90 minutes $140

Meditation Begins

So many people would like to meditate but don't know how to begin. We have an instinctual and deep need for Quiet. Grounding. Peace. We long for the benefits that meditation is reported to give. Yet, how to quiet the mind? Disconnect from the busyness of life?

In this introduction to meditation your goals regarding mediation and the barriers preventing your from manifesting them will be explored. Together we will go through basic techniques for getting started and take a look at the many entry ways to meditation available to you.

45 minutes $50

In the privacy of the cottage! No driving across town and being induced into a deeply healing and meditative state, to then have to fight traffic to get home – or your next appointment. Just roll off the table, back into bed, or one of our quiet outdoor lounging spots.

Please mention your interest in a specific service when you inquire with us, what day during your stay you would like to include this, whether 60 or 90 minutes suits you best, and we will do our best to arrange an appointment for you.

Services subject to availability