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Life Coaching

Many people experience a vast sea between where they are and where they want to be. Some know what they want but do not feel they have the time, resources or motivation to achieve this. Others do not know what they want and have given up searching. Some feel very successful in parts of their lives, but greatly impoverished in others. Some feel they have lost themselves in the race of life; they no longer script their lives but are just keeping up. In any and all of these situations, Life Coaching can be a tremendously powerful experience of coming again, or for the first time, to what one most deeply desires. The process of Life Coaching honors one’s challenges and limitations but fundamentally believes a person’s dreams and inner hopes are important and beautiful and need not be crushed by the “realities” of life.

But what specifically is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a collaborative process that seeks to uncover what an individual most deeply desires and provide the guidance and accountability to take the life-changing steps necessary to achieve these. Life coaching helps clients overcome the limitations of fear and self-doubt and achieve balance and authenticity in their personal and professional lives. Life coaching rests on the assumption that the client has the resources to create and achieve the life he or she truly wants. Life coaching does not focus on problems or failure, but identifies opportunities and sets actionable strategies for achieving specific desired results. It assumes success and envisions achievement; it is forward-moving and future-focused.

How much does Life Coaching cost?

Life Coaching is available for $100 per session. One or two hour sessions can be scheduled. If you would like to schedule a session of life coaching without a stay at Desert Harbor, this is an option either by phone or in person. Call Raymond at 505-252-0558, or email him at, to schedule your session today. Sessions are subject to availability.

All prices subject to NM gross receipts tax. Prices subject to change.

well we had to grab on something
so we’re pulling at the threads
and now the world’s unraveling inside our very heads
glasses smeared with lipstick, hungry eyes out in the street
same old bodies moving, to the same old beat
had to draw the line
all this talk can hypnotize you
- and we can ill afford –
to give ourselves to sentiment, when our time is oh so short
there are names beneath the lichen
on these cemetery stones
and carnivals of silverfish
to dance upon our bones
have to – need to – had to
draw the line…

need to take some pride baby, need to take some heart
need to take evasive action when the rumpus start
here we are buck naked baby but where should we begin
when it’s not the flesh we’re after but the howlin’ ghost within…
have to draw the line...

- David Gray